High Heels: A Health Hazard or a Question of Freedom?

Driving home from work yesterday I flicked on the radio for some solace to the disaster of a day which I had dreamt my way through, only for my ire to be raised a further notch. A story reported that a female receptionist had been sent home for refusing to wear high heels. You can read and hear more about the story here.

I must confess I am biased in this situation. I absolutely hate high heels. They have never suited me, and to be honest the random looks from strangers made me uncomfortable. Overall though my overriding perceptual experience was “wow these are uncomfortable, why would anybody EVER where them?”

I clearly support the right of anybody to refuse to wear high heels at work or any other time, and think an employer insisting upon it absurd and should not be legal, they are bloody SHOES people…get over it! (Sign the petition here!) But for me it opens a wider issue of why ANYBODY would wear high heels EVER?

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